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Take advantage of my free mini-courses, challenges and guides to help you get started designing a simple home and life.

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3-Day Calm boost challenge!

A free email challenge that gives you 3 easy home hacks that will simplify and calm your home and daily routine. An instant boost of calm in just 3 days!

The 5-Day Declutter Dash

A free email mini-course that gives you 5 days of quick and easy 15-minute tasks for big wins in your home. It’s amazing how much of a difference these 5 days will make!

7-Day Digital Detox

A 7-day email mini-course that helps you gradually declutter and detox from your digital devices. Learn how to simplify your online life and have control over your devices, instead of the other way around!

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Free Colour Workbook:

How to use colour to create a naturally serene home

The complete guide to choosing the right paint colours for your whole home!