Ideas for a simple and natural holiday season

With everything that’s been going on around us this past year, it feels like we both NEED to celebrate the holidays and also KEEP THEM SIMPLE.

What we don’t need is pressure to decorate an Insta-worthy home, get expensive gifts for everyone we know or host huge “perfect” gatherings.

What I think we need is a cozy, fun, healing and comforting holiday season. To me, that means simple, natural and spent with people I love.

Here are some ideas on how to create that kind of holiday and be able to relax and fully enjoy it - while also recharging and appreciate the beauty of downtime with friends, loved ones and nature.

  1. Add seasonal function

Put your effort into decorating your home for cozy nights playing family games or hosting a few of the people you love the most - instead of with the goal of impressing neighbors with the most lights and glittery decor.

  • Pull out board games and decks of cards and put them in a beautiful antique crate or natural basket where they’re easy to grabandadd meaningful decoration

  • Add cozy blankets, faux furs and plush pillows to your living areas and lounge chairs - think plaids, whites and chunky knits for a wintery welcoming touch.

  • Have some holiday-scented soy or beeswax candles ready or add holiday-scented essential oils to a humidifier.

  • Rearrange your furniture and clear your surfaces so you’re set for conversation and games and eating together instead of TV watching.

2. Bring nature indoors.

Go for a hike in a local woodlot or visit a farmers market and pick up some mini fir or spruce trees for pots (pick them where they need to be thinned out anyway) and fir or pine boughs for swags on doors, on your mantel and in vases. They'll smell wonderful and add a simple festive touch. Try to get the real thing instead of buying plastic from a store - it’s more sustainable for the planet!

Simply add a little bit of ribbon or twine to make them more festive, or add some red berries to the mix if you want a pop of colour.This post gives you 10 natural DIY holiday decorating ideas.

3. Give fewer but more meaningful gifts.

Order (or make!) handmade, vintage and ethically-sourced gifts instead of spending valuable time running around the mall only to find expensive gifts that are quickly forgotten.I've curated my favourite gift and entertaining/decorating items on Etsy to make it easy for you - check it out!Gifts that are made with love, whether by you (cookies anyone?) or local makers and shops are much more meaningful and have a lasting impact.

4. Send e-cards.

If you love writing and sending paper cards, go for it - it’s a beautiful way to connect with friends. But if that task feels too overwhelming for you - ditch the pressure! Instead, mail all your cards over a single coffee withPaperless Poste-cards. Import your address book, choose a card and bulk mail to everyone you choose. There are many free options or inexpensive paid versions as well.

5. Wrap simply and sustainably.

Ditch the commercial wrap and go for natural and recyclable gift wrapping. It simplifies the season because all you need for supplies is a big roll of brown kraft paper and some string! Plus, it’ll make you feel good about giving to the planet as well as the people on your list.

Check outthis post for simple DIY wrapping ideas.

So, are you ready to swap a stressful season for a slower, more joyful one? Me too. Cheers!

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