Essentials for a Serene Master Suite

I often work with clients who want me to help them design a calming and serene master suite. They long for a peaceful getaway, an oasis to recharge their batteries, yet they don't have the time or energy to spend frustrating hours searching for all the furniture and finishings and colour choices they need to create it.

I get it. And I know you might be one of those people who've been staring at Pinterest and Houzz and online shopping sites forever without making a decision. I'm here to help!

The main way I help my clients is with ane-fresh, where I FaceTime or Google Hangout with them for up to an hour to see their space, listen to what they want, and then design a board that contains inspiration photos, all recommendations and sources for purchasing, DIY instructions to repurpose as much of their current furniture as possible, and a room layout so that they know how to arrange their furniture.They've told me that they love the service because it's a quick and budget-friendly way to get design help, it saves them tons of time searching for furniture and materials, and it saves them money by getting paint colours and finishings right the first time.

But...not everyone is ready or able to purchase an e-fresh. So I figured, why not share some essential design boards with you for free? Hey, all of us are better off with a little inspiration and guidance, right? Of course, these boards aren't personalized like client e-fresh boards and they don't give you instructions for your particular space or layouts for arranging your furniture. But they do give you a good idea of how to put together a room and where to find the pieces you'll need to do so.

You'll see that I began earlier this week by reworking an older post onEssentials for an Eco-Friendly Bathroom。If you're thinking about a bathroom renovation any time soon, I encourage you to check out these sustainable ideas and sources.

Today, because of the high demand for a calming, soothing bedroom, here are theEssentials for Serene Master Suite

Essentials for a Serene Master Suite

The inspiration for this calming master bedroom and bath comes from a design byStudio McGee.

1. Roman shade fromWayfair.

2. Wall colour for both bedroom and bathroom:Sherwin Williams Extra White

3. Accent colour to paint bathroom vanity and perhaps a dresser or nightstand:Sherwin Williams Gray Screen

4. Blue petal bowl for nightstand fromTen Thousand Villages

5. Belgian linen white duvet cover set fromWayfair

6. Lapis quilt fromJohn Robshaw Textiles。如果你需要削减预算,去this duvet cover和skip the quilt.

7. Bedside tables fromWayfair

8. Lamps fromWayfair

9. Green leaf accent pillow fromEtsy

10. Indigo accent pillows fromEtsy.(Canadian buyers check out good options fromCanadian pillow makers on Etsy)

11. Beach print fromEtsy.

12. Have a small green plant in the bathroom and/or bedroom for colour and to clean the air.

13. Zen tree print fromEtsy

14. Sconce lights in bathroom fromWayfair

15. A tall plant like a fiddle leaf fig works well in the corner to add softness and fresh air to the bedroom.

16. Hexagon tile for bathroom floor fromHome Depot

17. Contemporary and slim-lined faucet fromAmerican Standard

18. Large natural fibre rug under bed fromWayfair.

Note that some of the sources are affiliate links. The companies share a small piece of their profit with me, which helps pay for my time sharing this info on the blog, without any cost to you. In fact, sometimes the prices are lower because they come through a trade link!

I hope thisEssentials Design Boardhelps guide you and save you time sourcing items to create a serene and beautiful master suite!