The first steps to designing a simpler and more sustainable life


I strongly believe that we all have the power to design the life that we want, no matter our circumstances.

That life may look a bit different in the near future on Earth, however.

As we get closer to the 2030 climate tipping point, beyond which scientists say climate and ecosystem damage will be irreversible and have disastrous consequences, governments, the economy, societies and individuals will need to make a big shift in how we operate.

Many experts believe that the world will need to give up the growth economy model if we are to meet our targets. But most of us have only known life in a growth economy. In the West, we've been conditioned to live large and enjoy life. We’ve gone overboard, unfortunately. But we can change things by adopting a simpler and more sustainable way of living - and still get great joy from life!

Look, whether because of climate realities or the craziness of society today, if you don’t create and design your life, other people will. This is the basic premise of金博宝188体育app下载- if you don’t make your own choices, others will do it for you. Before you know it, your life is based on other peoples' or society's values and way of life, rather than your own.

So, deliberately choosing to live more simplynowbecomes a choice you make - and the way in which you get there can be a well-considered and planned out path.

Simple livingisliving deliberately. It means choosing what's most important and eliminating the rest. It's about choosing your existence and choosing to honour the world in which we live - instead of sailing through life on autopilot.

Simple and deliberate living will, of course, be different for everyone.

Circumstances are different for every individual and family. But no matter what path you choose and which choices you make toward simpler living, I guarantee you’ll feel more balanced and alive and less stressed and overwhelmed.

Here are 6 first steps to begin down the path to living more simply and sustainably:

  1. Make active and intentional decisions instead of falling victim to habit or 'the way it's always been done'.

  2. Learn to and practice saying ‘yes’ to the things that align with your vision and values, and ‘no’ to the rest. Remember that everything you say yes to means you’re saying no to something else.

  3. Think about the elements of your home, work, play and overall lifestyle that are unsustainable, complicated, cluttered and stressful. Make a list of those things so that you can make a plan to phase them out.

  4. Plan out your week (just one week at a time!) and allot time to only the essential activities for living simply and sustainably. This will help you be more intentional with your time at first, and then with your overall lifestyle choices later on.

  5. Begin taking small but decisive steps to declutter and organize your home and your habits within it - so that you can gain more focus, clarity and energy as you simplify. It will also help you better understand what you need around you to live sustainably but also comfortably - so that you can avoid over-consumption in the future.

  6. Take steps at work to simplify your processes, habits and work environment (including the endless paper and digital clutter). Being more productive and efficient with your time and energy and footprint at work will help you make gains in overall sustainability and simplicity in your life.

  7. Finally, design and decorate your home in a way that encourages calm, rest, rejuvenation, enjoyment, meaning, inspiration and joy. We’ve been spending more time at home these days, and will no doubt continue to do so in the future - so you want your home to be a comfortable and sustainable oasis that helps you thrive.

  8. 制定一个计划或者越来越受教育r climate emergency and the actions you can take to make big gains - ie. to push governments, corporations and leaders toward the actions needed within this decade. Planning out simple things like writing your representatives, joining protests, or simply talking to others will empower you and help you feel calmer about the situation overall (because you can feel good at least knowing you’re doing what you can).