I have to admit, I’m a bit of a freak. I actually like to clean. I find it soothing and restorative to my soul. Cleaning up my house is kind of like cleaning up my act - it frees me emotionally, mentally and physically from being stuck and bogged down. It helps me spring into action with a renewed sense of clarity.

But I get that most people hate cleaning. And even I get daunted by the big tasks that are associated with Spring cleaning.

So…if you want to make it less overwhelming, do just these 5. Or at least start with these 5. They’re quicker ones that also make a big impact in freshening up your home and your soul after a long winter.




My favourite natural cleaner? Vinegar and water with some lavender and orange essential oils mixed in. You can also add a drop or two eco-friendly dish detergent for an all-purpose cleaner that works for your kitchen, bathroom and floors. I pull it out every day and use it with a cotton cloth to clean my countertops. Make up a batch -在这里查看公式- and forget all the many bottles of different cleaners that are filled with toxic chemicals that are a waste of money. Keep it simple.



1. Clean your entryway, and make a place for shoes.


  • 清除可以在本赛季中放出的任何冬季靴子,外套,围巾等。

  • Make sure you have a mat, cubbies or bins/baskets to corral shoes at the door.

  • 用通用清洁剂擦洗入口地板和地板。当您进入门时,它会消毒并闻起来很香,然后摆脱冬天在冬季追踪的任何挥之不去的好东西。

  • Use a nice bowl or basket as a place to keep any keys, lip balm, sunglasses, change, etc. that hangs around entryways nice and neat.


2. Wipe down kitchen counters and cabinet fronts.

5 quick spring cleaning tasks

This one can be done in one short sprint - OR - if you’ve got a lot of clutter on your kitchen counters, it might have to be broken down into multiple sprints.

第一的:clear up some clutter so you have more surface space on your counters. It’s easier for cooking, prepping and baking, and it’s visually more calming. I’m not saying you need to get rid of everything on your counters and become a minimalist. Not at all. Keep the essentials out and easily accessible, but keep the extra visual clutter to a minimum. Bonus - it also makes daily cleanup a breeze.

Then:Wipe down your counters and the fronts of each cabinet with a damp cloth and a vinegar-water spray. Reach back into those dark corners on your counter that collect crumbs. Get down low so you can see all those spill marks and dust bunnies pooling at the bottom of the cabinet doors. Give any small appliance you have on the counter a wipe-down as well.



Use a simple solution of vinegar and water to clean all the winter grime off of your windows, inside and out. It'll do wonders to brighten the space and your outlook on life. If this will be a big job in your home, break it up by setting a timer and do just 15 minutes a day.


Having a calm and fresh bedroom is really important to lower your cortisol levels. And especially over the winter, your bedroom can pile up with clutter and can feel suffocating.

  • Fling open the windows and let the fresh air in.

  • Remove any clothing lying around on your floor or furniture that needs to either be put in the laundry, put away in the closet or donated.

  • 剥去床,洗净床单,床垫盖和枕头盖。

  • Vacuum your mattress to get out any dust mites.

  • 如果可能的话,将床垫翻转(到另一侧和端端)。

  • 在床垫上撒上一点小苏打,并从香料罐中混合丁香。丁香是抗菌的,混合物除臭,而且闻起来很香(感谢妈妈的明智尖端!)。

  • 让这种混合物坐在床垫上大约一个小时,而床垫被洗涤和干燥。

  • 吸尘床垫的这一侧,以及床头板和鞋板(如果是织物)(如果没有的话,用湿布擦拭)。

  • Put on your clean mattress cover and clean sheets. Try to go for a light, natural material like 100% cotton or linen for your bedding - it's better for your health.

  • 减轻您的毯子 - 也许将您的羽绒被转到床的底部,下面只有一个较轻的毯子。

  • 今晚欣赏干净的床和床单。没有更好的了,对吗?

Check out this post on how to make a pretty, cozy bed.

5. Clean the air.

  • 在您的房屋中添加几个新植物,以帮助过滤毒素(这是最容易保持生命的植物!)。

  • Open the windows.

  • 有利于自然沟化学室喷essential oils that freshen your space through an essential oil雾化器, areed oil diffuser或者a simple linen spray using water and lavender oil.

  • If you burn candles, make sure they’renatural soy或者beeswax.

That's it for essential spring cleaning! Bigger projects can be done later, but if you tackle these five, your home will feel fresh for a new season and day-day life will be just…nicer.

Happy Spring!